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Hochschule Karlsruhe Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences

Patrick Erlewein - Master in Sensor Systems Technology

What do you particularly like about the subject of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, and about the HKA?

The course of study turned out to be very multifaceted. In addition to electronics and software development, it also focuses on the subjects of physics and chemistry. With each semester, the subjects increasingly converged, while I got a better and better feeling for their interrelation. In my opinion, the excellent career prospects and its diversity are the great advantages of this degree program. The university is particularly characterized by being application-oriented. In addition to the lectures, the numerous practical experiments in laboratories helped to deepen the knowledge acquired. Also, there was an attractive range of elective courses offered by the department as well as by the General Studies. Competent professors and staff are the finishing touch.

In which industry are you working now, and what position do you hold?

Sick AG is one of the leading manufacturers of sensors for everything from factory and logistics automation to process automation. I work as a development engineer in the department for optoelectronic special devices. We develop sensors for applications where standard variants cannot be used.

What advice do you have for future students?

My tip is to take many elective courses during your studies in order to expand your position. Keep an open mind about internships and working as a student assistant at research institutes. These not only look good on your CV but also help you to deepen the knowledge you have gained, and to gain experience. This understanding helped me a lot when choosing my field of work and when starting my career.

Your personal conclusion being...?

In my job, it is often a matter of understanding applications, and describing and reproducing the processes. Then a solution is worked out and implemented in a new device. My tasks in this are very diverse: Analyses alternate with customer visits and electronic as well as software work. My studies have provided me with the necessary know-how for a highly qualified job and enabled me to take on this position, which I enjoy and am motivated to do.