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Passenger cabin

Simulate interactions in a passenger cabin mock-up

How do train passengers interact with emerging and cutting-edge technologies?

In our true-to-scale passenger cabin mock-up, human-computer interactions in public transport can be researched in a natural environment.

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What makes it stand out?

Our passenger cabin mock-up is a detailed reconstruction of a Karlsruhe streetcar train compartment. The high-quality construction and manufacturing of the structure happened in close cooperation with a Karlsruhe-based carpenter's workshop.

A flexible base rail system allows for any arrangement of the seats. The following options are possible:

  • Row seating
  • Group seating (4x4)
  • Multi-purpose compartment with folding seats

What are potential areas of application?

A wide variety of use cases can be simulated in the true-to-scale passenger cabin mock-up. Interactions with innovative technologies in public transport, especially human-computer interaction, can be evaluated in a natural environment.

The light-weight construction of the passenger cabin allows for easy transport and thus deployment at different locations.