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Information Management and Media

Overview Study programs Teaching & Research

Teaching at the Faculty IMM

In addition to the regular lectures, the IMM faculty offers a variety of courses to support you in starting your studies and in your everyday life as well as to give you an insight into the practical applications in your field of study.



Learning Center Mathematics

Mathematics at university differs from mathematics at school and is difficult for many students, especially in the first semesters of study. At MAFFIN, the Mathematics Learning Center of the IMM Faculty, experienced tutors help all students with their mathematical questions and problems, virtually around the clock.



Help with learning

To support you well in your lectures and seminars, tutorials are offered in some subjects. Here you will receive help from students of higher semesters on all questions concerning your study contents.

For details, please contact the respective lecturer.

Pools and laboratories

In order to implement the theoretically developed study contents in practical projects, there are various pool rooms and laboratories in the faculty where all students can work independently.


Computer workstations with up-to-date hardware and software are available for Bachelor's and Master's students for their respective courses of study: Geoinformation Systems and Digital Image Processing, Laboratory for GNSS and Navigation, Metrology, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Media Production, E-Learning, Language and Translation Management, Content and Information Management, and Analytics. Here, our students work alone and in groups on their project and final papers.

Contact: Günther Baumgärtner and Jan Kupper

Photography studio

A part of Visual Communication in the study program KMM is product photography. In addition to a theoretical introduction to camera techniques and studio lighting, students learn here how to set the scene for products, i.e. how to bring out their plasticity and materiality through targeted lighting. For instructions or functional descriptions, scripts are created similar to a film and entire sequences of action are staged.

Lead: Prof. Anja Grunwald
Contact: Bernd Kiefer

Map Collection

The map collection includes wall maps, topographic and thematic maps, leisure and tourism maps, more than 1,000 atlases and atlas volumes,  as well as various globes.  In addition, there are national and international reference books, journals and reference works. It is worthwhile to just "browse". Opening hours: Tuesday 9:00 - 12:00

Lead: Prof. Dr. Gertrud Schaab
Contact: Sieglinde Meppiel

Multimedia Lab

The Multimedia Lab provides workstations with software for creating 3-D simulations, AR and VR applications. Each semester, the Muditmedia-AG meets here to put the latest technologies to the test

Lead: Prof. Martin Schober
Contact: Günther Baumgärtner


Equipped with cameras, microphones and studio lighting, students here conduct so-called usability tests on various media and technical products. This is often done in cooperation with project partners from industry. In recent years, for example, they have tested instructions for Bosch do-it-yourself appliances or the integrated multimedia user manual for the BMW 7 Series.

Lead: Prof. Martin Schober
Contact: Günther Baumgärtner

Weather station

Always up to date: the weather station of the faculty IMM on the roof of the building in Hoffstraße

Lead: Prof. Dr. Heinz Saler
Contact: Christian Stern


Research at the Faculty IMM

At the Faculty of Information Management and Media, research and development is carried out in various research projects and institutes in an applied manner on all topics related to our core areas. In many of these projects, students are involved via study projects and theses, thus transferring current issues and research results into teaching . There is also the possibility to do a doctorate at our faculty via cooperation procedures.

Research focus

As the most diversified and youngest faculty of the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe - Technik und Wirtschaft, we cover a wide range of current and future-oriented topics in the fields of geomatics, traffic systems and media and communication sciences in inter- and transdisciplinary projects, taking into account the aspects:

  • Media
  • Communication
  • Mobility
  • Space
  • Data
  • Technology

Research structure

For the implementation of our research and development projects, an adequate infrastructure exists that creates the appropriate framework conditions for our researchers. In addition to modern laboratories, there are institutes and research groups that enable and promote interdisciplinarity and exchange among each other.

Due to our activities in teaching and research, our faculty received the award as ESRI Development Center (EDC). This initiative of the company ESRI, the world market leader in the field of geoinformation systems, supports institutions that excel in sound and up-to-date GIS teaching and conduct research on and with GIS.

Committees & People