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Prof. Dr. Michael Tewes Phone: (0721) 925-1313 Building: AM
Room: AM-108b
Provost, stellvertr. Dean, Dean of Students Prof. Dr. Detlef Günther-Diringer Phone: (0721) 925-2922 Building: HO
Room: HO-207
Pro Dean, Dean of Studies Prof. Dr. Jochen Eckart Phone: (0721) 925-2920 Building: HO
Room: HO-210

Administration of the deanery

Faculty Executive Director Heike Borowski Phone: (0721) 925–1317 Building: AM
Room: AM–108
Public Relations Sarah Schwarz Phone: (0721) 925–1318 Building: AM
Room: AM–108
Secretariat Tanja Rüster Phone: (0721) 925–1314 Building: AM
Room: AM–107

IMM Student Council

The IMM student council is the student representation of all students at our faculty. Our student council room is located in the building on Amalienstraße in room AM309. Our meetings and discussions take place there and we are available for you there. Just come by, there is usually someone there.

Here you can get tips on studying and advice and support in case of problems. We are your contact person for old exams, study papers, subject-specific software programs, etc.

In our meetings we discuss how to proceed with important topics and look for solutions how we can improve the studies or our offer for you or plan the realization of festivities, e.g. the O-Phase. Our representatives in the committees, such as the faculty council or the study commission, represent the student council there and thus the interests of the students.

More about the student council (link to the intranet will follow shortly)

Tel. (0721) 925-1133
Building: AM - Room: 309
Mail: fs.imm.hskaspam prevention@gmail.com