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Competency networking for value champions through social media environments


Companies that do a lot of value creation in-house and are reluctant to outsource exhibit superior productivity ("value creation champions"). To do so, they must master a broader set of competencies than less integrated businesses. A key success factor for this is the overview and integration knowledge of experienced employees.
ChampNet pursues the goal of enabling companies whose competitive strategy focuses on innovative strength and a high degree of value creation to use critical integration and networking competencies more effectively, thereby noticeably improving their innovative capacity in the face of demographic change. Specific objectives include:

  • A first-ever, comprehensive inventory and typology of which overview, integration and network competencies are central to maintaining and securing a high level of value creation, and which key individuals possess these bottleneck competencies as competence bearers.
  • The conception of a reference model for the identification of the central competence bearers in these competence areas as well as incentives and methods for the motivation and continuation of competence networking and transfer of experienced employees.
  • The conceptual development of an overall concept of a social media environment with associated personnel development and implementation strategy for the work-integrated networking of experience-based networking and integration competencies of experienced employees.
  • The technical implementation of the support approaches contained in the developed concepts and reference model into a scalable basic version.
  • The iterative testing and introduction of the developed concepts and their technical implementation in the participating partner companies.
  • The comprehensive evaluation of the developed concepts and validation of the conceptual "cores" for transfer to other companies.
  • The development of sample proposals for the documentation of the expanded and acquired competencies in Curriculae.

Central results and main findings

In the participating companies, four bundles of competencies are identified and differentiated, which are of central importance for the innovative ability of value creation champions:

  • Creative problem-solving competence: the ability to recognize, analyze and creatively solve complex technical problems
  • Networking competence: The ability to network internally and externally with relevant people and institutions and to use these contacts for innovation.
  • Overview competence: The ability to overview knowledge and relevant experts from different areas and contexts and to be able to assess them for innovations.
  • Integration competence: The ability to bring together knowledge, ideas, and people from different fields to develop innovations at interfaces (between different disciplines).


Project duration

  • May 2015 to July 2018

Project consortium

  • BMW AG
  • Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG
  • University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich

Funding by

  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)


  • Prof. Dr. Steffen Kinkel
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas P. Schmidt
  • Peter Zimmermann
  • Ralph Lichtner
  • Britta Schemmann


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