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Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

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About the program

Technical subjects and German language

During the basic studies, you will learn the basics of mathematical and scientific subjects and electrical engineering. You will learn elements of digital technology and programming, as well as systems theory and control engineering. Lectures and exercises on measurement technology and electronics are also on the curriculum. In the third and fourth semesters, further knowledge is deepened. 

Are you especially fascinated by a particular subject? Then you can pursue your interests in the sixth and seventh semesters and select the subjects you want accordingly.

This international course of study in English also includes German language courses. With such language skills you will find your way around everyday life and settle in well into companies. You will also have the opportunity to further your skills in the field of intercultural communication to enable a better entry into the international working world.


1. Semester
Mathematics 1
Circuit Analysis 1
Programming 1
Language 1


2. Semester 
Mathematics 2
Circuit Analysis 2
Electromagnetic Fields
Digital Electronics
Language 2


Main course

3. Semester
Mathematics 3
Instrumentation and Measurement
Programming 2
Signals and Systems
Language 3


4. Semester
Focal Subjects 1
Advanced Electronics
Microcontroller Systems
Control Systems


5. Semester
Practical Training Guidance
Practical Training
6. Semester
Focal Subjects 2
Digital Systems


7. Semester 
Focal Subjects
Bachelor Thesis
Final Presentation


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