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Roadshow Radverkehr

Patterns in bicycle use differ by factors such as age, gender, and social affiliation. Why do these factors play such an important role? What makes people decide not to use bicycles for transportation? How do we confront equity issues in cycling internationally?

In this webinar, we present international perspectives about how cycling intersects with equity issues. With speakers from Uganda (Amanda Ngabirano), the Philippines (Keisha Mayuga), and Germany (Kristina Jasiunaite), we learn about global strategies and experiences for improving social equity in cycling.

Following the presentations, a panel of experts from Germany join our presenters to discuss the implications and applications of these insights in Germany. Our discussion panel includes Hannah Eberhardt (Verkehr mit Köpfchen), Armin Wagner (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), and Jana Tumakova (Universität Kassel).

The audience comprises advocates, stakeholders, and professionals from municipalities, consulting offices, and cycling groups in Germany. Join us for this short and intensive webinar!

Time: February 17, 2022,  12:00–13:00 
Zoom Meeting: https://h-ka-de.zoom.us/j/99500195056


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