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Hochschule KarlsruheHochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences
Photovoltaics panels on the roof of a HKA building

Office for Campus Infrastructure & Development

Overview Development Construction Infrastructure Projects

Services covering development, construction, and infrastructure

The Construction department carries out various, innovative projects which are being developed  or implemented. Our concluded projects are transferred over to Infrastructure.

The HKA campus is changing

Our projects are building blocks on the path to climate neutrality.

Projects in development

screenshot of the CAFM system

CAFM modules

It is becoming increasingly important to use space efficiently; this is part of the University Financing Agreement II. Therefore, our space management will be transferred to the CAFM system in the future. For this purpose, our buildings will be mapped in the drawing software Revit. Processing maintenance and repair measures via the CAFM system also provides us with great chances to implement a modern building management.

electric car being charged

E-charging station for cars

Planning is well underway for charging stations to be installed on the university campus. Plans include a wallbox for the vehicle fleet to be attached to the building A, as well as two additional large charging stations: One placed in the parking lot behind the building B and a second in the parking lot behind the building LI. Here, both employees and the public will have the opportunity to recharge electricity using a payment system.

drawing of the charging station

Self-sufficient charging station for e-bikes

In a joint project of the faculties Architecture & Civil Engineering and Electrical & Information Engineering, the design of an energy self-sufficient charging station was developed. The Department EBI will support the faculties in its implementation. This device will be built on the campus and then can be used as a parking place for a bicycle as well as a charging station for e-bikes.

close-up of the current designation on a building front

Guidance system

Following the introduction of our new corporate design a new guidance system for the campus is also being developed. Our goal is to ensure that new students, faculty, researchers, and staff, as well as external visitors, can easily arrive and quickly and safely find their way around our green campus by means of the new signage system.

Projects in progress

row of padded study booths

Self-study spaces

There are numerous concepts to make our campus even more attractive by upgrading both indoor and outdoor study spaces. For example, comfy indoor retreats have been created for students to focus on their work. More seating is being created also in the outdoor area, inviting students not only to work there but also to linger on our green campus.

bike racks on campus

Bicycle racks

Karlsruhe has been awarded the title of a bicycle-friendly city. HKA, too, wants to promote bicycle mobility - it is therefore a matter of concern to us that bicycles can be secured well on the campus. To this end, bicycle racks have been positioned at many locations on campus, which now provide parking for around 700 bicycles. The offer is constantly being expanded - for example, an additional 360 parking spaces are to be realized on the University of Education grounds (including Building K) by the end of 2022.

screenshot of the ticketing system

CAFM ticketing system

The CAFM ticketing system allows standardized fault reports and service requests to be entered centrally via a web browser by lecturers, researchers, and staff. This generates a ticket that is forwarded to the responsible office within the Department EBI. Collecting all notifications in a central system makes it easier to process the orders.

electrical cabinets at LI

Modernization of electrical supply

Our room concepts are constantly being reviewed in order to make optimal use of the university's research spaces. Currently, the electrical supply in the LI building is being updated to the latest technology and old electrical cabinets are being modernized. This helps to clear out space - for example, for new research fields in e-mobility.

data center

IT Services

It is and remains fundamentally important for all HKA activities that the university computers function smoothly. Therefore a new data center is being built to ensure continuing smooth operation and to make sure that the necessary security standards are met. There are going to be 65 racks in the LI building to support our IT infrastructure.

Closed projects

comfy work booth

HKA 2030+ at the Technology Park

Our teaching and research facilities are constantly being extended and expanded. 2,500 m² of additional space for the university has been created at the Karlsruhe Technology Park Karlsruhe . Innovative study and work environments are being tested on the HKA 2030+ campus and the findings used as a blueprint for future campus development.

row of HKA e-bikes

Bicycle workshop

A bicycle workshop has been created in building LB. Here, employees can carry out small repairs or borrow bicycles e.g. to easily reach the university's external facilities. The university has a total of ten bicycles including four e-bikes.

Buildings F & M

Modernizing the facades

The buildings E, F and M were provided with insulation for energy efficiency reasons. The method of core insulation with blown-in insulation material was chosen to preserve the facade. In addition, the entrance areas of the buildings were redesigned and new windows were installed.

campus center with seating under colorful parasols

Campus center

The campus center was restructured to further improve the quality of stay on our green campus. Numerous seating options were created, some together with tables. Parasols give welcome shade, thus providing best conditions for learning and lingering in a relaxed atmosphere.

people renovating the roof of the LI building

Roof renovations

In the course of the energy-related roof renovation on buildings LI and HE, the fire protection measures and the glazing were simultaneously adapted to the latest state-of-the-art. The roof domes serve both as smoke/heat vents and for room ventilation.

two excavators dismantling the building, a wall is missing

Dismantling building P

Since renovating the Building P came to be recognized as being uneconomical vis-a-vis a possible new use of the space, this facility was deconstructed in 2020. This created new space capacity for campus development.

close-up of fire alarm activation device and smoke vent

Renovating lecture theatre HB

A state-of-the-art fire protection upgrade of the HB lecture hall was carried out, including renewing the smoke/heat extraction system and the fire alarm system. In addition, the lighting was optimized so that the improved lighting conditions now provide a much more pleasant learning environment and make easier concentrated studying.