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International students will receive excellent support at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences with the new “WeCare” project

May 31, 2024

They are highly qualified, familiar with the country and its people and often equipped with good language skills – international students represent enormous potential to alleviate the shortage of skilled labor in Germany. More than two thirds are extremely motivated to stay in Germany after their studies. But by no means all of them manage the transition into the German labor market.

In order to exploit this potential, the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD has identified three key levers: Attracting international students, ensuring their academic success and their transition into the job market. Since April 1, 2024, the DAAD has been using funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research to support projects at 89 universities as part of the “Campus Initiative for International Experts” program that address these points – with HKA being one of them.

WeCare – that is the name of the new project at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HKA), and the name says it all. WeCare – Welcome & Career Services for Degree-Seeking Students – will support talented international STEM students from their initial study application up to their transition into the job market. Support with the application process, entry into the cooperative study model StudiumPLUS and the search for a suitable partner company, intensive support during the introductory phase as well as workshops and language courses ensure that the first semesters are a success.

In the new Employability Curriculum, students are prepared for the internship semester, the first milestone on the path to the German job market. There are also networking opportunities with companies and recruiting events in the final phase of studies. In combination with tailored advisory services, international students should thus successfully master the start to their careers.

DAAD funding for the project is secured until the end of 2028. This project funding over several years provides significant support in achieving long-term goals such as increasing the proportion of international students at HKA and the study success rate as well as a higher retention rate of international students in Germany, thus making a sustainable contribution to the supply of skilled labor in Baden-Württemberg and Germany.


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