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Hochschule Karlsruhe Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences

Top marks for HKA in international university ranking

University achieves top scores for its international orientation, research, networking and knowledge transfer

June 21, 2022

Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HKA) was once again one of the few universities of applied sciences in the state of Baden-Württemberg to participate in the international university ranking U-Multirank this year, underscoring the high value placed on internationalization at HKA.

U-Multirank has been conducted since 2014 and is funded by the EU. This year, nearly 2,000 universities from 97 countries participated in the ranking, which uses a variety of indicators to provide a differentiated view of the strengths of individual universities.

Once again, HKA achieved top scores in the ranking published today in terms of internationality, research, embedding the university in the region, and in the knowledge transfer category. A total of four top scores in these categories, as well as three additional good scores in the internationality and research categories, show that the university is on a very good path toward achieving its strategic goals.

The ranking's multidimensional approach allows users to steer the ranking according to their own interests by selecting individual criteria. In this way, universities with similar profiles can also be compared. Instead of ranking different institutions in the form of TOP lists, U-Multirank assigns indicators in the individual categories (learning and teaching, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation, regional engagement) to five different performance groups (from "very good" to "weak"). The evaluation is based on assessments by the universities' own students as well as on data provided by the universities themselves.

The portal can be accessed on the web at www.umultirank.org .


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