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Press and communication


The Press and Communications Department (PK) serves as the communicative interface between the university and the public. In close contact with the rectorate and the respective institutions, it communicates current information and achievements of the university's entire range of services to specific target groups and the public in a multi-layered manner. To this end, the entire toolkit of modern PR work and marketing is used: from media relations, publications (articles on the Internet, brochures, flyers, report of the rectorate, research report, etc.), web and social media to the preparation and support of trade fairs and information events. All press and media relations for the university and its facilities are coordinated through the PK.

Placement of experts

The function of the university institution as an interface can also be described in the opposite direction of communication. In the case of external inquiries, the desired information is compiled or the expert contact persons in the university are mediated.

Projects for and with students

The PF is also responsible for planning and announcing offers for pupils and prospective students. This includes, in particular, projects and information events for pupils from the 10th grade and for prospective students. It also supports professors and employees of the university who plan corresponding events and projects.


Holger Gust
Presse und Kommunikation

Deputy manager

Cordula Boll
Presse und Kommunikation
deputy manager


Alfons Muntean
Presse und Kommunikation
Swetka Bär
Presse und Kommunikation

School projects

Pamela Hauptmann
Presse und Kommunikation
Referentin für Schulkontakte

Social Media Editorial

Marius Probst
Presse und Kommunikation
Social Media Redaktion / Eventmanagement

Video editing

Jan Holthaus
Presse und Kommunikation
Anneke Reinsperger
Presse und Kommunikation
Video production

Science Editorial

Hendrik Hunsinger
Presse und Kommunikation
Redaktion Forschung aktuell, Wissenschaftskommunikation und -veranstaltungen