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Institute for Natural Engineering Fundamentals


The Institute for Natural Science Engineering Fundamentals (INIG) coordinates the scientific fundamentals training that professors and lecturers provide in almost all degree programmes at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences . It is assigned to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

After graduation, engineers have to deal with interesting development tasks. Due to the increasing specialisation in all fields of knowledge and the rapid growth in the scope of knowledge, these tasks are also becoming more and more demanding. In order to cope with such complex activities, it is important to work in an interdisciplinary manner. This means that experts from completely different disciplines are involved in finding solutions. For example, industrial engineers and mechanical engineers or chemists and civil engineers already routinely work closely together to develop new products or technologies in a "tailor-made" way. The natural sciences often act as a linking element between the individual specialisations.

Natural sciences as a foundation for lifelong learning
 As a consequence of this situation, the demand on education is that engineers must be able to find their way around the various disciplines and, in particular, be able to familiarise themselves quickly with new aspects. A solid education in the natural sciences plays an outstanding role for this requirement; they also represent the suitable foundation for what is called "lifelong learning". It is therefore not without reason that accreditation institutions such as ASIIN, which checks a degree programme for its "quality", recommend a 20% share of mathematical and scientific fundamentals in engineering degree programmes.


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INIG as a service centre for all faculties
Thus, the goal of the INIG is also clear: to provide the various courses of study at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences with natural sciences and the engineering fundamentals that build on them. Strengthening these foundations thus represents a significant contribution to ensuring sound engineering competence at our university. 
The INIG thus sees itself as a service centre for the faculties of the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

Contents and offer
Tailored to the needs of the individual engineering degree programmes, the practical basics of physics and chemistry as well as special lectures (spin-offs of the natural sciences) such as optical measurement technology or photonics are offered. In addition, extensive laboratory equipment in the areas of scientific fundamentals, technology (e.g. microstructure technology), application (chemo- and biosensor technology) and networked systems (sensor-actuator networks) round off the INIG's profile.

The didactic concept of the courses is based on the experimental lecture, which is combined with a laboratory in most cases. The 3-stage way of preparing knowledge, namely theory for imparting, experiment for clarifying and a corresponding laboratory for grasping, has proven to be an excellent instrument and represents the central pillar of the educational philosophy.

The didactic concept of the courses is based on the experimental lecture, which is combined with a laboratory in most cases.

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