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Trip to the European Parliament

HKA students visit the European Parliament on a field trip to Strasbourg

This year’s highlight for the HKA Community was a field trip to Strasbourg on November 24, 2022.
A total of 45 students from 20 different countries traveled to France and experienced the European Parliament's plenary chamber, as members of the European Union voted on various items of the day and passed legislation.
As final event of the year, the HKA Community organized an excursion that was attended by CIIC students as well as internationals who are at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences either as regular degree students or as exchange students.
Many students were interested to join the excursion - a long waiting list spoke for itself. A total of 45 students set off for Strasbourg in the early morning to gain a deeper insight into European politics and to explore the French city in Alsace.
After overcoming initial hurdles - an endless traffic jam on the way and the security checks of the European Parliament - they were given an introductory report by a staff member on the specifics of EU politics, and the structure and processes of the European Parliament. A permanent interactive exhibition provided further interesting information on the history of the institution.
But one part of the program exceeded the participants' expectations by far:
They were allowed to attend a plenary session and were impressed by the speed with which the approximately 750 parliamentarians debated EU legislation and passed laws. It was a first for all students to see the European Union live in action and to be able to follow the plenary session in 24 different languages.

In the afternoon, the group visited the city center:
A city rally led the students through the most beautiful corners along the typical sights of Strasbourg before the group headed back to Karlsruhe before nightfall.

Since April, the Center of Competence has been holding regular events for HKA students with the aim of providing opportunities for international and interculturally interested students to get to know each other and thus create a long-lasting HKA community.
Events are also scheduled to take place in the coming year and will be organized in cooperation with the International Office. These are open to all HKA students.
Students taking part in the Certificate of International and Intercultural Competence (CIIC) and international students will be informed automatically by email about the next dates.